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Project LOJA is a project with the purpose to spread the Gospel via multimedia by means of all kinds of art (of expression), such as music, dance/choreography, stories, drama, paintings and so on.




Paintings Information


  Page Title Date Place Painter Born Died Country
2 Index Mary's at the Tomb ca. 1425 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Hubert van Eyck 1385–90 1426 Belgium
3 Crucifixion The Crucifixion ca. 1430 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Jan van Eyck ca. 1390 1441 Belgium
4 Resurrection The Resurrection (edited) 1460 A museum in Italy Carlo Crivelli 1435/40 after 1493 Italy
5 Ascension The Ascension (edited)     Gustave Doré 1832 1883 France
6 Pentacost The Descent of the Holy Ghost (edited) ca. 1545   Tiziano Vecellio ca. 1488/1490 1576 Italy
7 Return The Last Judgement ca. 1430 The Musee du Louvre (Paris,
France)Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jan van Eyck ca. 1390 1441 Belgium
8 Jezus Bloed-EN              
9 Kom Maar-EN The Resurrection (edited)     Gustave Doré 1832 1883 France
10 Come Again-EN              
11 Welcome-EN Pentacost 1732 Musee du Louvre, Paris Jean Restout II 1692 1768 France
12 Hosanna-EN